SLW 03
How can you dispose food wastes, the small headache in your life, like no others?
Product that answers to your concerns and hassles,
Loofen is the ‘first mover’ of the food waste reducer.
SLW 03
A beautiful change Loofen brings to you
Process food wastes without worrying about odors and insects.
Dry food wastes and use them as garden fertilizer.
Reduce food waste to reduce disposal costs and protect the environment as well.
It is a beautiful change that Loofen will bring to your life.
Put all at once and then just push the button
Drying is the easiest, the most hygienic and environmentally friendly way to process food waste.
Save food wastes disposal cost by reducing its volume and weight.
Dried food waste does not rot, can be recycled as fertilizer or feed
and has less impact on land contamination, water quality and groundwater contamination.
Simply plug in and press a button without any installation process, and you’re done.
Loofen always prepares one step ahead of your worries.
Unlike other products that require food to be separated and put into the processor, Loofen treats all sorts of food at once.
Loofen does not break down if you accidentally insert a spoon or fork in a busy day.
SLW 03
Zero concern for germs
All kinds of germs arise from food wastes.
Loofen uses hot air drying method and UV LED
to sterilize 99.9% of bacteria. Because it is something
you cannot see, Loofen will take care of your worries.
Strong deodorization
With activated carbon filter attached, you can use
Loofen at anywhere in the kitchen without smell.
It is the core of the food processor technology and
the machine can be used anywhere with its filter.
SLW 03
Classy design for your elegance
We know that you have your own tastes for everything.
Loofen expanded not only the range of selections in various
colors but also paid extra attention to choose right colors for the interior of the product.
The modern and simple design of Loofen that matches its high end function brings something more than just a product to your elegant kitchen.
SLW 03