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‘How can I handle the food waste, the headache in the kitchen, easily?’
A small question mark in one housewife’s mind is now changing the world
Hygienic kitchen liberated from odors and insects.
Loofen, the leading food wastes reducer company, was born for that mission.
SLW 01
Why dry the food waste?
Drying is the easiest, the most hygienic and environmentally friendly way to process food waste.
Save food wastes disposal cost by reducing its volume and weight.
Dried food waste does not rot, can be recycled as fertilizer or feed and
has less impact on land contamination, water quality and groundwater contamination.
Odorless garbage disposal is at the essence of Loofen technology.
Loofen uses a double deodorization filter to prevent odors from being leaking out in the process.
Clean and fresh kitchen will make your life refreshing. Technological innovation for you, Loofen will not stop.
Loofen reduces the food waste volume to 1/5
How will your life change if food waste is reduced?
Wastes disposing cost is also reduced to 1/5.
Your kitchen will be more hygienic once those rotten food wastes are taken cared of.
Most of all, is there anything better for the environment than reducing food waste to 1/5 from the earth?
The power to change the world in your ordinary life starts with Loofen.
Just a single touch to use,
no need to touch food waste with your hands
‘What if it is too difficult to use?’
‘Will it malfunction if I just throw in the food wastes without separating?’
‘What if I have more wastes to put in while the machine is running?’
Loofen gets your needs, since it is started by a housewife like you.
Just put all your food wastes in and simply press the button just once.
You can put in additional food wastes while the product is running.
All you deserve is convenience and happiness. Let Loofen handle the difficult parts.
Design for your exquisite taste
Loofen’s innovation is found in its design as well.
Soft pastel color brings a lighter touch in your living environment.
Add more class into your kitchen interior with Loofen’s simple and modern design.
Make your everyday product look beautiful,
Loofen understands that the details are what make it complete.
SLW 01